QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow to edit my details in duplicate pan card?
Satish Kumar asked 12 months ago

I am getting more doubts for pan card in online. My duplicate pan card online application to successfully submitted. I need edit my details in that. In my phone number and home address are entered as old. Now me and my family members are in new home. So how to change the above details in my duplicate pan card? I can get the option for collecting duplicate pan card. But i cannot find the chance for edit the details. My friend is applying new pan card with same website. Which website is suitable for all types of corrections and getting pan card as fast way? Did you have any website like that? Please suggest me and tell here for all people. Your information is more helpful for the people to save their time for searching new one. My friend telling all the tricks and methods for using pan card in different types of places.
I am paying some fee for getting my duplicate pan card. What is the exact amount for downloading my duplicate pan card in online? Please tell me here. I need to know more details and discussions about the pan card. I am using the best formula for using business pan card for buying materials and transfer the amount to bank. I have deposit some amounts for developing the business. My friend is one of the partners in my business. He is also using mobile checking the transactions in business. Recently my business name changed. So we need to edit the business name in business pan card. Is it possible? I am requesting some of information about the submitting the complaint about pan card errors and how to check the complaints are posted or not. Please friend now I need you choice of way to edit those details in pan card