QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhen and where to get exact GST news?
Basanti Tushar asked 12 months ago

GST news and best answers are needed for my questions. I have posted more questions and information about GST at online. More people are following me and my commends. I have shared my views and related topics to my friends. It is more useful for tracking the best sources for the business. My friend searching the product’s related aspects and GST rates for each and every kind of products as offline and online. I am developing my knowledge about calculating the GST rates for business products. I am also telling this news to my followers. They are replying and commending more. Now i want to get the accurate nature of points and news about new plans for GST. Some of benefits and offers are available for the business people. I need to use that and tell to my friends. So please tell me the best website or software for getting new GST news and updates.
My GST registration certificate is getting some errors in name. I can edit that in online. But it cannot be editing my document. How to show the edited details in my document? Online way of learning ideas and reference materials are issued for the people here. You can accept their rules and conditions means join with my group. But i need some of new information and modern changes in GST rates and plans etc. I am watching more videos as latest in online. But I cannot get the new and innovative information. My friend is also storing the new method of calculation and fixing the rate for the business products. I am willing to start the new business in my area. More people are like and welcoming the new products in market. So I need to know the information as quick way. Please support me and help me to know that.